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Parent & Learning Resources

The LEAP Centre has a variety of selected reference books, videos, DVD’s and resources for our families which we encourage you to borrow. At times our Parent Room, where many of our resources are housed, is used for meetings and workshops but otherwise parents are welcome to use the room when the Centre is open.

The LEAP Centre has a large range of specialist equipment which you can also borrow for a limited period. This can be helpful when deciding whether to buy a particular item. Our therapists are able to advise you on what equipment  best supports your child’s physical needs as well as appropriate games, puzzles, books and activities to grow your child’s skills and learning. In addition we also help you access equipment and resources for purchase.

Visual supports to help develop improved communication and behaviour are widely used in the form of key word sign, Boardmaker and photos. These strategies help your child to understand the language they hear around them, to express their ideas and feelings and to learn appropriate behaviours. We can offer you materials and resources to help you to use these strategies at home, kindergarten or school.

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